Concrete Cutting

Bitumen Sawing

Core Drilling

Wall Sawing

Pattern Cut

Concrete cutting involves a variety of techniques to efficiently and safely cut large, square-or rectangle-shaped incisions into wall concrete or slab concrete. We employ state-of-the-art diamond cutting technologies to make our work as precise as possible.

Road saws are typically used to provide expansion cuts, remove damaged sections and to cut penetrations in slabs.

Road sawing or bitumen Sawing is the most common diamond cutting method used to cut horizontal surfaces such as road pavement, bridge decks, driveways, floors etc.  It is most commonly used to cut expansion joints in concrete or driveways, crossovers and garages etc.

Able Concrete Sawing specialises in pattern cutting concrete that can provide an individual look and designed tailored to suit your needs. It provides the look of tiles  with a consistent and clean feel. Weeds do not penetrate the surface and the site remains stable. Ideal for a safe and stable thoroughfare and provides access for all abilities.

 Able Concrete Sawing offers an efficient means for cutting precise openings in concrete structures such as masonry walls, pre-cast concrete, reinforced concrete and metal. It is often used to create an opening for stairways, windows and doors, lift shafts and bank vaults.

Core drilling is the process we use to make precise circular cuts in concrete to make smooth openings for a variety of applications. Concrete core drill bits consist of steel tube with diamond segments on the drilling end. These are mounded on rotating shafts of core drilling blades that are powered by electricity or hydraulics. Drill bits range in sizes depending on the size of the hole required.